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Our hand made small batch soaps are vegan and use ethically sourced materials to the best of our ability. 

Made from a choice selection of six oils- shea butter, sweet almond oil, palm kernel flakes, canola oil, babassu oil, and olive oil- we blend each batch by hand and then (for scented/colored soaps) hand mix in the luxurious fragrance and the vibrant mica-based pigments, before pouring each batter into a mold and allowing it to cure. Each loaf is hand sliced (which is why your bar may vary slightly in size or shape) and then finishes curing for six weeks before being packaged up and presented for your delight!

Please explore our amazing scents, including our Goddess collection, featuring Artemis, Aphrodite, Hestia, and Persephone! Or, indulge your wild side with Stormy Night or Ferocity! Feel the witching hour with Dragon's Blood, Boreas, or Meditation, or feel the blessings of nature with strawberry, lavender, watermelon, or apple. 

Find more scents in this collection, which is always changing seasonally. We also take custom orders, but please note that they take 8-10 weeks to process.

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