Who Are We?

Posted by Aine Walker on

Hearth and Stars is made functional by many hands, all working together to create beautiful things. Each of us works on our passion, and we bring them together under one roof.

Aine is the founder of Hearth and Stars, which has been her heart's desire for nearly ten years. A mother of four and long time kitchen witch, she has always felt that pagans had to choose between 'beautiful' and 'practical', and decided to fill that niche. Passionate in both work and play, she is dedicated to bringing balance to the pagan marketplace, creating products that are both functional and pretty! She works the embroideries on the journals and other cloth products, as well as designs and etches the glassworks. She's also a big creator, and does a lot of the creative workup for the final projects! In her spare time, she's passionate about cooking, and spends her (very little) free time baking bread or making warming hearth meals for her family and friends.

Sage is Aine's husband and the chief bookbinder for Hearth and Stars. His dedication and patience are what gives you a beautifully hand bound journal! He also helps with the glass etching, soap cutting, and other jobs requiring precision. In his spare time, he does blacksmithing and fencing, as well as being an amazing father! 

Errant is the maker of the beautiful chain mail pieces featured in our shop. He twists his own wire into rings, cuts them by hand, and then works them into beautiful, custom, one of a kind pieces of jewelry. He is also responsible for wire wrapping our crystals, and creating the wire charms and other metalworking pieces. In his spare time, he designs and runs roleplaying games for friends and family!

Tsuki is our chief soapmaker and the author of most of our product descriptions. Though they say they are 'but a small creature', they see the beauty in the mundane and so are responsible for not only the creation of our gorgeous soap line, but also for finding the beauty in things when we suffer from the Artist's Quandry: Does it suck, or have I been looking at it too long? In their spare time, they do hand embroidery (which is also available for commission) and textile arts, as well as video games and their own podcast. (Yes, that is a shoe on their head. Why? Because they got new shoes at the time of writing.)

We look forward to getting to know you all as our customers and friends, and we are really excited to make this journey with you! Without our customers, we wouldn't exist, and we're so grateful. So come get to know us, and we look forward to our amazing journey together!