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We offer embroideries in two distinct types: Machine (such as our tea towels) and Art (such as the Zodiacs).

We have a wide selection of embroideries for our machine, most of which can be color customized and put on a variety of fabrics! Each selection is individually priced based on it's complexity and range from $5-$20 each.

Our art embroideries are all hand-stitched and prepared for display. They may take much more time to create, but they can also be entirely customized for those with discerning tastes. Because these take much more time and dedication to create, they range in price from $20-$60 each.

Machine Embroideries, $5-$20ea

Due to the increasing number of embroidery patterns we can run on our machine, we'll link to a portfolio we've assembled in Google Docs. This Doc will be kept up to date with all embroideries we can run, and how much each one costs. This is the same document we print and keep in the Embroideries book available at our booth.

Machine Embroidery Portfolio

Zodiacs, $20ea

Most of our products are practical and sturdy, but we also love things for their beauty, like these hand-embroidered zodiac star art pieces! Each one is designed, embroidered, and hoop-framed by hand and will look amazing gracing your wall. Astrology and astronomy nerds alike will enjoy these designs- the stars are done in silver thread, the constellation in gold. And if the constellation isn’t your preferred version (since there’s so many variations!) We can offer these as custom art pieces as well.

(We advertised these as having the primary star in each constellation done in the color of the actual star, but due to coronavirus shipping and quarantine issues, the appropriate colors of threads are not available to us at this time, so for now all the stars are in silver!)

Art Embroidery Showcase

Some embroideries take a significant amount of time and effort to create, and these are generally only made once, so once they've sold, they're gone. Here you can find examples of what kind of art embroideries we create, and as always, we welcome commissions!

More Coming Soon...