Hand-Made Jewelry

Our jewelry is individually priced based on the materials used and the complexity of the design; the longer is takes to make, the more expensive it will be. Generally, bracelets sell for $15-25 a piece, while our necklaces sell for $65-$80 each. Some of the most complex or large pieces, such as the chainmail purse or coin belt, regularly run into the $100s due to the days of work they require.

However, that's annoying to keep track of, so when we vend at markets I generally offer my bracelets for a flat $15 and my necklaces for a flat $50 each. Though the higher-end pieces will still be priced individually.

Our chainmail jewelry is hand-made from aluminum, copper, bronze, and steel; some rings are are anodized and dyed, while some others are plastic coated for an attractive, shiny finish. Many of our pieces use upcycled materials reclaimed from old electronics, broken mechanisms, and even other discarded jewelry.

Here you'll find some examples of the pieces of jewelry we offer for sale, though the exact pieces we have available at any given market will differ. The only exception to this is our Pride Bracelets, which I try keep in stock and make to order if necessary.

If you like the styles you see, but can’t find anything that speaks to you, we also take commissions! Just let us know what you have in mind and we can start designing something soon!