Small Batch Soaps

Our soaps are regularly priced at $7/ea ($8 for Refresh and Lavender, as they are made with essential oils) with each bar being at least 4.7oz of soap. Sometimes we make mistakes and the bars come out mis-colored, not scented right, or we cut them wrong; and these "Oops" bars are priced at $5/ea.

Our recipe uses a blend of six oils, chosen specifically to be vegan and allergy friendly. They contain no animal products or common allergens, just Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Palm Kernel Flakes, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Babassu Seed Oil, as well as Lye (which turns oils into soap) and the few dyes and scents we add to make each distinct product. We add no additional preservatives, extra hardeners, sudsing agents, or detergents.


And so much more! With a total of 15 different fragrances (including Unscented for our fragrance free crowd) we have so much fun to choose from!