Product Care Page

Welcome to the product care page! Here you'll find instructions for the care of your beautiful purchase.


Our soaps are made with no preservatives or hardeners, so please invest in a quality soap dish that keeps your soap lifted out of the draining water. If you leave it sitting on the side of the tub or a non draining soap dish, it will dissolve and be lost. Please let your soaps dry out as best you can between uses, and they will last you a long time!


Practical Embroideries:

All our embroideries are machine washable and dry-able. Please use cool water to prevent shrinkage, and air dry if possible. If not, tumble dry low and iron on medium heat, and please remember not to bleach them, as bleach will damage the natural fibers.  Repeated washings (without fabric softener) will make them more durable and absorbent!


Etched Glass:

Clean etched glass with water, a gentle detergent, and a sponge. Never use aggressive cleaning agents like steel wool, razor blades, or chemical cleaners like ammonia or hydrofluoric acid, fluorine, or chlorine. Etched glass is more delicate than standard glass and should be treated gently. A mild dish soap should work just fine!


Chain Mail Jewelry:

 Our jewelry is costume jewelry, not precious metals, and so please do not wear it when you are going to be wet- while swimming, bathing, or during heavy exercise.

Both anodized aluminum and plated iron rings are susceptible to friction wearing away their coating. In the case of plated iron rings this will leave the iron exposed and make it susceptible to rusting. For these reasons, it's best not to wear these materials for long periods of time, especially in circumstances that produce sweat, as that may exacerbate wear.

If cleaning is needed beyond a gentle wipe down with a dry cloth, please use a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a non abrasive cloth. Dry completely before storing and do not wipe the gems or pearls with the alcohol.

If rust begins to form, use a soft scouring pad to remove the rust and then coat the exposed area with a thin coating of clear nail polish. If you're particularly artistic and adept at color matching, an appropriately colored nail polish can be used.

(Due to some abuses of our lifetime warranty, we do not replace rusty links, only damaged ones.)